Blend S Sakuranomiya Maika Cosplay Review by costumes-cosplay.


Howdy ! Welcome to my subsequent survey. Today I reveal to you something about ensemble of Miu from Blend-S. Ensemble with wig are purchased on

I have this ensemble now for a more drawn out time and I had it at one show and two photoshoots. Its not fresh out of the box new, at that point there isnt unpacking ! ?

I requested outfit for multiple times. First time I recieved great texture dress and embellishments, however dress was dim purple. I didnt like it, at that point I requested second time, when they changed outfit for this light purple, which is correct shading for character.

This is measure L – asian. ( At the time, when Im requested it, they have just S/M/L, presently they have XL and XXL as well). In the event that they had these choices even, at that point, I would arrange a bigger number. I normaly wear M/L (38/40) european size. In any case, I have greater bosoms, at that point a large portion of ensembles are minimal tight for me ? Im 160 cm in tallness, however dress could be minimal longer as well. All the time Im apprehensive, that my butt is making proper acquaintance with others ?

I continually wearing under skirt short pettit skirt yet for progressively puffy impact, its not for concealing butt since its short too ?

Ensemble is all around sewn, yet nature of texture is minimal more awful ( that great texture for shabby outfits however minimal thicker)

Embellishments are usable, yet I exchanged it for photoshoots with adornments from first request.

Headkerchief is slender fabric with clasps, cover is for dry zip, strip is for security stick, gloves are minimal unusual with some plastic thing around hand. Over knee socks Im utilizing from second request, its work of art (minimal undetectable) thights.

In video and this printscreen photograph are for the most part adornments from second request, yet on my profesional photographs in cosplay are embellishments from first request (aside from over knee socks, they are from second request :). Toward the finish of video, Im demonstrating to you these as well.

First impresion of wig was blended. I enjoyed shading and thickness, however wig was not initially styled for pig tails. I anticipated some hairline on back of the wig. On the off chance that you dont realize how to style it, wig net is unmistakable. Im little noob in this, at that point its not gorgeous.

Wig have great wig top, its satiny yet not gleaming, simple to brush. Lenght is great as well – 50 cm.

Blasts are originaly long, you should cut it for your face.

Photographs of wig without styling –

Synopsis :

I prescribe this outfit and wig, yet it needs a few changes, ensemble is worth of value, wig could be minimal less expensive.

Why I choosed this character for cosplay ?

Since I cherish that anime. First I was pondering Kaho (in light of the fact that the majority of my characters are fair tsundere types) yet I needed an adjustment in hair shading and character for cosplay. Purple shading is my top choice, I cherish house keepers, and numerous others things (wears glasses, fujoshi, she prefers yuri as well, and my conduct its near her as well. )