Cosplayer’s Giant Rifle Prompts Sheriff’s Warning


A cosplayer taking some photographs prior today at Seacliff State Beach in Monterey Bay got somewhat more consideration than she was expecting, when worries from different beachgoers and a neighborhood news group provoked a notice from the Santa Cruz Sheriff’s Office.

Addressing KRON 4 news, the delegate accepted the open door to remind cosplayers that strolling around open spots conveying huge phony guns possibly isn’t the best thought, since any individual who doesn’t know a tremendous rifle is only a cosplay prop may get concerned, and that may prompt a call to the police, who in like manner probably won’t know it’s a prop and after that things can possibly get intense.

No one is stating you can’t cosplay with weapons (beside KRON’s imbecilic “Leave your firearms at home” feature), that is presumably taking things excessively far, the Sheriff’s Office is simply saying…maybe be cool and aware and keen about it, rather than simply waving the thing around on a shoreline.