Costume of iron man

Disguising yourself as an Iron Man is the class, a point that’s all! And yes, it is clear that this Marvel superhero has become one of the most popular in recently , sometimes even more than Spiderman, Batman or other Superman. Catapulted on the front of the stage thanks to the films, the “iron man” attracts both the expert Cosplayers and the young boys and adults who opt for this character as a Carnival disguise or the time of a disguised party.

But what do we like so much in this costume ? design, character story and curiosities, here is a little overview of the Invincible Iron Man.

How to choose your Iron Man costume ?

Who is Iron Man ?

He appears for the first time in Tales Of Suspense # 39, a comic published in 1963. The character in the civil, is Tony Stark, son of Howard Stark, a veteran industrialist who will sell his fortune while the boy has only 21 years old, turning him into a multimillionaire and leader of an industrial empire that supplies arms to the United States. Sent to Vietnam to test one of his weapons, Stark is seriously injured by a burst of pomegranate that lodges near the heart. Held prisoner, he will still manage to escape thanks to a rudimentary armor built in captivity and with which he will escape to the United States. Back home, he will improve his armor over the years, soon becoming an ultra light equipment, powerfully armed and giving it incredible ballistic qualities, speed and resistance.

Created in the context of the cold war, the character of Tony Stark will evolve in comics. If in the beginning he spends most of his time struggling against the Communists, over the years we will see him involved in other situations closer to the world of Science Fiction. His biggest enemy is probably alcohol since the character drags with him an addiction to the drink against which he will struggle for a long time.

In cinema, the episode of the Vietnam War is replaced by a stay in Afghanistan, more in tune with the reality of the world of the 2000s. In the same way, it is the terrorists and not the communists who will be the first enemies of Iron Man.

Buy an Iron Man Costume

Most Iron Man costumes come from American manufacturers and are very good value for money. In addition, thanks to LED technologies, many of them incorporate light elements for example to simulate the reactor on the tors .

Iron Man Costume : choose your model

The first question is whether you turn to cinema or comics. For a model like the Comics (a little darker in the colors), opt for the Iron Man costume The Avengers. The costume has padding to strengthen the silhouette, it also includes on the torso a reactor powered by batteries. As for the helmets, it is assembled from two rigid shells and allows an opening on the top. Guaranteed effect !!

Rubie’s Marvel Men’s Universe Supreme Edition Iron Man Costume

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Rubie’s Costume Captain America: Civil War Deluxe Iron Man

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Marvel Iron Man 3 Patriot Boys Classic Muscle Costume

This patriotic Iron Man suit is ideal for Halloween or for 4th of July. The Iron Man Iron Patriot Classic Muscle Costume for Kids is a regular suit that’s been altered to be red, white, and blue. The costume is a single piece jumpsuit with muscle padding inserted in the chest and arms.

Marvel Iron Man 3 Boys Classic Muscle Costume

The Iron Man Mark 42 Classic Muscle Costume includes a mask and jumpsuit with muscle torso & arms.

Marvel Iron Man Movie 3: Iron Man Mark 42 Muscle Costume

Jumpsuit with muscle torso and arms

Marvel Iron Man Womens Adult Bodysuit Costume

Marvel Avengers Iron Man Basic Mask

Kids can imagine gearing up like Iron Man with this animation-inspired Iron Man mask. Mask includes a flexible band to fit most ordinary mortals, so kids can pretend to be superhuman! Superpowers not included.