Prestige KDA Akali cosplay review by costumes-cosplay.


On account of RoleCosplay I was allowed to cosplay one of the characters from famous MV – Pop/Stars by KDA. I cosplayed Akali in her Prestige outfit!

In the bundle I got:

a pinkish red wig with a pig tail

a K/DA top

a brilliant jewelry

a purple croptop

a brilliant coat with artificial hide and emboidered mythical beast on the back

a couple of white PVC tights

a couple of white gloves

a couple of brilliant arm ornaments

a belt with a satchet and trimmings

My size is EU36 generally (B86, W67, H90), 167 cm tallness and here I’m wearing S estimate.

Everything fit me splendidly and was precise to the estimations given on RoleCosplay site.

The bundle required a long time to arrive this time, yet every one of the segments were flawlessly bundled. Shockingly however a portion of the littler subtleties of the belts and armlets got harmed in vehicle, so I expected to reglue them before the shooting. The ensemble is very much produced using various types of textures. The coat is produced using a gleaming metallic brilliant texture, with the white false hide on it. White pants are extremely sparkling and are sewn from PVC – simply like on the reference picture! Every one of the embellishments are produced using some sort of a durable plastic and all around painted. They look extremely 3d and furthermore fit the cosplayed character. The top has the KDA letters emboidered with a brilliant string that truly gives it this pleasant sophosticated look.

I truly love the way very much made the coat is! The texture sparkles actually wonderfully and the majority of the edges inside and outside are done really well. The emboidered winged serpent on the posterior looks totally noteworthy and is excessively very much made. The hide is additionally atached pleasantly and doesn’t lose hair.

The wig comprise of a short base with two longer twists on the front and a pig tail. It came to me unstyled, so I expected to cut the blasts a bit and furthermore style her back pig tail in spikes. As far as quality it’s an extremely delightful and thick wig, and the shading is likewise exceptionally decent. It fit my head pleasantly and looked practically sensible.

Here’s the means by which the ensemble looks on me, with legitimate lightning and cosmetics! The mythical beast on the coat looks completely heavenly!

Furthermore, another image of the full outfit. ?

Furthermore, this would be all as far as this audit! I trust you preferred it and appreciate considering me to be KDA Akali! <3 I additionally trust it will be valuable to you when you choose to buy your very own outfit. It would be ideal if you consider looking at other brilliant cosplays RoleCosplay has in their idea by following the connections down beneath!