Costume Review by costumes-cosplay.


This time I had the option to get an outfit from and I choosed Nico Yazawa in KiraKira Sensation set! Presently I’m going to exhibit you my considerations! ♥

Along these lines, this bundle was quick. They required around 2-3 weeks to make and ship it to me, which is very useful for outfit! Everything was very much pressed, single parts independently.

All in all, what was in the bundle?

Fundamental dress



Strips for your wrists

Hair accesories

First – the Dress. I was truly astounded with it’s quality! It’s obviously made of polyester, yet this time it is thick and pleasant looking material. I didn’t recognize any blunders with sewing, so’s incredible! It even has those bosom cushions on the front.

On the back it has a truly long zip lock, so putting it on and off is extremely simple, and you won’t destroy your wig and make ^^ It doesn’t stop in whenever.

Strips. For hair with clasps and for wrists with brambles. I’m not utilizing those for hair until further notice, cause I discover them very enormous on my head, haha.

Gloves are see trough, however that gives a decent impact! I like them and they almost fit my long fingers!

There are likewise socks, which are decent, cotton-like. I attempted them and they’re alright ^^

Hair groups are pleasant, stretchable and fit into my pig tails, so I can wear them!

There’s additionally a long piece of material, much the same as on reference!