What is cosplay ?


Ever wondered what cosplay is or are you curious to know more ?
Then this article is made for you !

For us, this is the art of creating or buying costumes and accessories of a character, often from fiction (series, film, video game, manga …) in order to put them on and then embody the character during shooting photos, gatherings of enthusiasts or on stage like the theater!

But why ?

Cosplay or “cosplayers”, for the most part, like to meet at conventions and fairs that can address topics such as science fiction, manga or video games and many other worlds conducive to creation! They wear their costumes, participate in parades or competitions, pose for amateur or professional photographers, sometimes even shoot videos. They can also host video games or movies in shops and movies, meet children in hospitals, etc.
The important thing is to keep in mind that cosplayers are passionate and creative people who like to share their excitement, to embody their characters and to take advantage of this good spirit to spread a positive atmosphere with only one rule: to have fun!

The little story of cosplay

It is often mistakenly thought that cosplay was born in Japan, no doubt because of the magnitude of the phenomenon in this country. Outside it is very different …
In the beginning, 1939: first American convention of Science Fiction, the WorldCon is inaugurated. Forrest J Ackerman, a young man in his twenties then, goes there in “Man of the Future” who spits sparks. The creator of Vampirella and inventor of the term “Scifi” launches the idea of dressing up in his favorite character and becomes the first cosplayer of the story!

Forrest J. Ackerman and his man of the future

60s and 70s: Star Trek and Star Wars arrive on the screens and with its lot of fans. The latter meet in hundreds at the premieres, conventions and take part in “Masquerades”, a costume contest rewarding the most faithful reproductions of the heroes of these cult sagas.
80s / 90s: emergence of cosplay in Japan with the wave of heroes Super Sentai (like Bioman). It is also during an American convention that a Japanese journalist, Nobuyuki Takahashi, invents the term “cosplay” – contraction of the words “costume” and “playing” (costume and play), which could be Frenchized. in “costumade”. The phenomenon will then take an incredible scale in Asia.

End 90 ‘: Europe begins to take an interest in cosplay, especially in Germany, France and Italy! Influenced by American and Asian currents, Europe brings together cosplays of all kinds, to the delight of fans!
At the moment, this activity has more and more success and is practiced by people of all ages, from all walks of life with the same craze although there are as many ways to practice cosplay as cosplayers …

Cosplay is such a complete art that detailing here would be impossible so stay tuned! It is possible that we will present to you the many facets of this passion which binds our members