The normal cosplayer has likely made a conduit


The normal cosplayer has likely made a conduit tape dress structure at any rate once. For most applications a middle just dress structure is fine, yet shouldn’t something be said about the occasions where you need arms and legs? I required a full body dress structure for a couple of up and coming ventures and would not like to dish out $500+ for a commericial choice. I additionally needed the chest to be bound so I could utilize it for crossplay, which essentially wipes out any probability of finding a stock business choice that would be even remotely near the estimations I needed. So I wound up making this person!

I likewise need to give a HUGE thank you to @stella-sews who helped me with the pieces of this task required two individuals, and I couldn’t have finished this without her.

The dress structure precisely mirrors my estimations as well as has removable arms and a removable stand so I can really put things like bodysuits on it. Describing the dress structure turned as somewhat less basic than I at first idea, yet the last outcome is something that I’m most likely going to have the option to utilize inconclusively except if my body shape essentially changes.

Here’s the excessively snappy variant of the progressions I made to the typical pipe tape dress structure schedule:

Made conduit tape shell

Taped wire to outside of shell to make a transitory unbending exoskeleton

Put in inside PVC skeleton for help stand and separable shoulder joints

Loaded up with growing froth

Evacuated wire exoskeleton

Cut arms off and tidied up shoulder joints so arms are removable